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Welcome to FaithWorks USA

Missionaries to Working Professionals

Founded in October 2021, FaithWorks USA, Inc. is a nondenominational, nonprofit ministry whose mission is to encourage, support, and enable Christians to live out their Christian faith in their place of professional employment.

Make A Difference Today

Lunch Pail Bible Studies:

15-minute Bible studies designed for the workplace

FaithWorks USA supports and encourages Christians to routinely network together on the job for prayer and study. We have experienced how having a weekly prayer meeting or Bible study with a couple of coworkers can be a blessing that has a significant positive impact on the workplace atmosphere. One resource we created to support this is the book “Lunch Pail Bible Studies – vol 1”, which are workplace-oriented studies designed for groups of 3 to 6 coworkers in 15-minute sessions (because most people only have 30 minutes for lunch).

A book compiling these studies is in development. We’d love your feedback on these; send us an email at

Download Sample Lessons Here:

Prayer Support for Christians in the Workplace

Public prayer, especially in a workplace environment, is something many people struggle with. FaithWorks USA has written a selection of prayers suitable for use in the workplace for common instances when prayer is appropriate. These selections include the loss of a coworker, stress, travel, grace for a corporate meal, and many more.

You can also send us prayer requests through the contact us link.