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About Us

About The Founder

After a 17-year career working at Fortune 500 companies, FaithWorks USA, Inc. founder John Tomlin knows the stresses many working professionals face and the difficulties presented in workplaces that can challenge a person’s faith. A licensed professional Civil Engineer called mid-career into ministry, John left pastoring churches to go back into the realm of working professionals to minister to a sector of people who often lack pastoral support. John’s scriptural model is the Apostle Matthew, the tax collector who, after Jesus calls him to follow, immediately throws a banquet to introduce Jesus to his tax-collector friends and coworkers (Matthew 9:9-13). John’s ministerial role model is John Wesley, who preached on street corners, outside mines, and in fields to the working classes who did not regularly attend church. John earned his degree in Mining and Minerals Engineering from Virginia Tech and his Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

Where we Serve

FaithWorks USA is based in Atlanta, GA, and right now, works predominantly in the southeastern USA. Check out our Contact Us page to start a conversation with us about a workplace visit or check out our LinkedIn page to see where we’ll be soon.

Make A Difference Today

Our Vision

FaithWorks USA, Inc. seeks to fulfill its mission by utilizing the gifts, contacts, and talents of those called to its service. Through networking, resourcing, and coaching, FaithWorks USA missionaries will help Christians live up to the call to love their neighbor in the next office, cubicle, or workstation.

  • Encouraging Christian professionals happens through presence on-site at professional conferences and, by invitation, at in-person and virtual meetings in the workplace.
  • Support for Christians to live out their faith at work is by providing tips and instruction via electronic media channels regularly.
  • Enabling Christians to live out their faith in the workplace occurs by producing workplace-oriented Bible study materials and other resources.